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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC MSI Deployment

Guide for deploying Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on all the computers in your network using MSI files and group policy

Edit 21/09/2023: Updated filenames, URLs & PowerShell script for version 2023.006.20320

Edit 10/07/2023: Updated filenames, URLs & PowerShell script for version 2023.003.20215

Edit 10/02/2023: Updated filenames, URLs & PowerShell script for version 2022.003.20314

Edit 09/11/2022: Updated filenames, URLs & PowerShell script for version 2022.003.20263

Edit 12/10/2022: Updated filenames, URLs & PowerShell script for version 2022.003.20258

Edit 30/08/2022: Updated filenames, URLs & PowerShell script for version 2022.002.20191

Edit 22/07/2022: Updated filenames, URLs & PowerShell script for version 2022.001.20169

Edit 20/06/2022: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2022.001.20142, added PowerShell script

Edit 05/05/2022: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2022.001.20117

Edit 18/03/2022: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2022.001.20085

Edit 15/02/2022: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2021.011.20039, edit for clarity

Edit 20/09/2021: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2021.007.20091

Edit 10/06/2021: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2021.005.20048, edit instructions for clarity.

Edit 17/05/2021: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2021.001.20155

Edit 29/01/2021: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2020.013.20074

Edit 20/08/2020: Updated filenames and URLs for version 2020.009.20063, edit instructions for clarity.

Prepare Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Files

Note: You need to have a distribution agreement to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Enterprise version. You can obtain one from here:

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Enterprise full installation AcroRdrDC2300620320_en_US.exe from

Download the Adobe Acrobat DC Customization Wizard from here: More info on the Adobe Acrobat DC Customization Wizard here:

Once you have obtained the necessary files, you need to extract the installer files from the installer. Browse using Windows Explorer to the folder where you have downloaded AcroRdrDC2300620320_en_US.exe, hold the shift key and right click in this folder. Choose Open PowerShell window here. In the PowerShell window run:

.\AcroRdrDC2300620320_en_US.exe -sfx_o"C:\AdobeReaderExtracted" -sfx_ne

Click Yes on the user account control prompt that appears.

Create Adobe Reader DC Admin installation

Now that you have the necessary files extracted, change the current directory of your powershell window to c:\AdobeReaderExtracted:

cd c:\AdobeReaderExtracted

Run msiexec to create the admin installation:

msiexec /a c:\AdobeReaderExtracted\AcroRead.msi TARGETDIR="c:\AcrobatReaderDC_AIP"

Click Next when prompted, click Install.

In the folder C:\AdobeReaderExtracted you will have (among other files) the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC msi file AcroRead.msi and the patch AcroRdrDC2300320215.msp.

Patch the installation msi file by running the command:

msiexec /a C:\AcrobatReaderDC_AIP\AcroRead.msi /p C:\AdobeReaderExtracted\AcroRdrDCUpd2300620320.msp

Click Next when prompted, click Install. Click Finish. Note: If you receive an error, uninstall Adobe Reader from your workstation and re-run the above command.

Create a new text file in the folder C:\AcrobatReaderDC_AIP called setup.ini and add the following to the file:

CmdLine=/sall /rs


Automated PowerShell Script

I've created a powershell script that will automatically perform the above steps for you. It will download, extract, patch, rename and create the setup.ini file for you. If you use this script, you'll still need to run the below Customisation Wizard to create your .mst file.

Customise Adobe Reader DC with the Adobe Reader Customization Wizard

Note: These notes have been updated to use the Customization Wizard. See below for the Group policy method.

Install the Adobe Customization Wizard DC, accepting the default options.

Once installed, run the Adobe Customization Wizard DC and choose File -> Open Package. Select the file AcroRead.msi file from the C:\AcrobatReaderDC_AIP  folder.

From here you can step through the options and set as required. As a guide, I have set the following options for our enterprise:

Personalization Options

  • Suppress display of End User Agreement (EULA)

Installation Options

  • Make Reader the default PDF viewer
  • Remove all versions of Reader
  • Enable Optimization
  • Enable Caching of installer files on local hard drive
  • Run Silently (no interface)
  • Suppress Reboot


  • Protected View - Off

Online and Adobe online

  • Disable product updates
  • Disable Purchase Adobe Acrobat
  • Disable Product Improvement Program

Once you have finished customising the installation, generate a transform file and save it in c:\AcrobatReaderDC_AIP.

Deploy Adobe Reader DC

Copy the folder c:\AcrobatReaderDC_AIP to your msi deployment share, and add the msi along with the mst to your software deployment GPO.