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Adobe (HARMAN) Air MSI Deployment

Installing Adobe Air on all the computers in your network using group policies (GPO)

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  1. Download the Adobe Air installer exe from:
  2. Run the installer and copy all files created in %temp%\AIR<random 3-4 numbers>.tmp to a new folder e.g c:\AdobeAir_50.2.1.1

Note: The name of the folder created appears to be in the form AIR[random characters].tmp. You may find it easier to sort the temp folder files by date and choose the folder with the most recent date modified.


  1. Copy the folder AdobeAir_50.2.1.1 to deployment shared folder on you deployment server.
  2. Add the msi file to your software deployment GPO.
  3. Create a file called eulaAccepted and place it in %appdata%Adobe\AIR on your client devices. I suggest including this file in your mandatory profile path so all users are not prompted to accept the license agreement.

Note: I've found that with the latest version of Adobe Air, the eulaAccepted file must have the number 3 in the file. With previous versions of Air, you only need a blank file; now you need to make a new file and put the number 3 in it.