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Adobe Air MSI Deployment

Installing Adobe Air on all the computers in your network using group policies (GPO)


  1. Download the Adobe Air installer exe from:
  2. Run the installer and copy all files created in %temp%\AIR3904.tmp to a new folder e.g c:\AdobeAir3.4.0.2710

Note: The name of the folder created appears to be in the form AIR[random characters].tmp. You may find it easier to sort the temp folder files by date and choose the folder with the most recent date modified.


  1. Copy the folder AIRxxx.tmp to deployment shared folder on you deployment server. I renamed the folder to "AdobeAir3.4.0.2710" to make it easier to find later.
  2. Add the msi file to your software deployment GPO.
  3. Create a file called eulaAccepted and place it in %appdata%Adobe\AIR. I suggest including this file in your mandatory profile path so all users are not prompted to accept the license agreement.

Note: I found that with the latest version of Adobe Air, the eulaAccepted file must have the number 3 in the file. With previous versions of Air, you only need a blank file; now you need to make a new file and put the number 3 in it.